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Incredibles Porn Story: "Violet and Dashe’s secret 4 final"

“The flower that blooms with beauty will wither away if not preserved in love” -Billygoat

As they stepped out of the shower violet grabbed a towel and started to dry Dash off. Hey violet? Yeah Dash. Did we just have sex? Hearing this turned violets face a bright red. Well technically no. You see Dash sex is when.. It’s.. Ehhh Hard to explain. Just go watch a porno or something. 
What’s a porno? 
Ehh just go in dads closet and, zipppp! 
damit Dash at least get dressed first! 
It was not long until Dash had found the “stash” he began to watch one of the DvDs 
He was surprised at how big the guys were compared to him. He thought maybe that was why violet didn’t scream like the girls in the movie.
Dash turned it off and went to his room.
The next day violet began looking for dash
She had not seen him sense he ran off the day before.
She went to his bedroom door.
Hey Dash you in there?
She opened the door and there he was, curled up on his bed fast asleep. She could tell he fell asleep crying.
She sat down next to him and began brushing his hair.
Yes Dash.
Do you love me?
Even though I’m just a small kid.
It doesn’t mater Dash I will always love you, more than a sister should.
Dash sat up and hugged her.
Violet don’t ever leave me alone!
His voice was muffled by her chest.
I promise Dash I will never leave you alone.
She brushed his face and as he looked into her eyes she kissed him.
Dash, I want you to have me.
Dash I want you to take my virginity.
Because your the only Continue reading

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Incredibles Tram Pararam Story: "Teaching Violet"

Introduction: After several years of being a stay-at-home mom, Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) wants to fuck her husband. But when Violet walks in on them, will they let her play too? Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet, and Dash. No gay sex, although there is lesbian. Also some interesting sex scenes due to their “unique” abilities as superheroes.


Bob Parr arrived home to find his beautiful wife, Helen, waiting with a radiant smile on her face that hadn’t changed in the sixteen years they’d been held together by the rings on their index fingers. He grinned back and waved, pulling the car slowly into the garage. He squeezed his six-foot frame out of the tiny sedan, gingerly swinging it closed as he kissed his wife. She extending her arms exponentially, wrapping them around him and giving them the appearance of a corkscrew.

“Honey,” he whispered, “the neighbors!” She withdrew her massive arms to a normal looking size, squeezing his cheek.

“I just miss you when you’re away at work,” she said, turning away. “Come on. You must be hungry.” He followed after her, shaking his head happily at her bright demeanor.

“What have we got to eat?” he asked. She was right, he was hungry.

“Not much, I’m afraid. I still have to run out to the grocery store and, what with Dash’s metabolism over 100 times normal, he empties out the cupboards just about e Continue reading

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Incredibles Porn Story: "Incredible family time"

It was a lazy Friday afternoon. Violet and Dash had just gotten home from school and entered their home.

“Mom? Dad?” Violet called out but there was no response. She walked throught the house, searching for her parents. She was just about to enter their bedroom when Dash tapped her on the shoulder.

“Read this.” he said and then zoomed off at super speed into his room.

Violet looked down at the note, reconizing her mother’s hand writing, she began to read:

Dear Violet and Dash,

Your dad and I are on a mission with the S.A.O.H. and won’t be back until noon tomorrow. There is leftovers in the firdge you can have.

Take care of each other
Love, Mom

Violet walked into the room and place the note on her night stand next to her bed. She flopped down onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. She couldn’t help but be annoyed that her parents were out saving the world while she was stuck baby-sitting her little brother. The S.A.O.H or the Super Association of Heros was exactly what the name implied. It was a bunch of Super heros that got together and saved the world.

As for her and Dash, they were “student-heros.” Which meant during the school year their crime fighting was kept too a minium.

Violet got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator, stared at it’s contents and closed it again. Too put it simpley she was bored.

Violet went over and turned on the TV and nearly died of shock at what came up.

It was some porn currently showing two guys spit roasting a girl. Now it wasn’t the sex that shocked Violet, no she new about that, it was the fact that somebody had left the DVD player on. Which meant this was a porn movie.

She stared at the screen trying too think who the movie could belong too. Continue reading

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Incredibles hentai story part 8: Family Bonding

Her mother was bent over the couch, her feet on the floor and her arms hanging freely from the back. Her father shoved his penis in and slid it out, over and over, sweating with concentration. Her mother began to scream, increasing in volume with each new cry. Suddenly, she cried out, and her dad shoved his penis into her vagina hard, left it there, grunted, and pulled out. He sat down on the couch, and she sat on his lap like an over muscled Santa and a mature child, kissing him deeply and slowly stroking his cock. By now, Violet was terrified to be caught. To an undersexed sixteen-year-old girl, all of this was a complete revelation. In the four or five times she had had rushed, amateur sex with Brad, they had only ever had missionary, not knowing that any other kind of sex “worked”. She became suddenly aware of something wet on her leg. Looking down, she saw a stream of cum was making its way towards the floor. Panicked knowing it was visible (having left her body), she tiptoed into the kitchen and wiped it off with her discarded sweater. As she looked down, she saw that her nipples were erect and hard as rocks. She rubbed them, but it did nothing to relieve the pressure. She was horny, and she knew it. She crept back in to keep watching. While she had been gone, her mother’s gift to her father had gone from soft and flirtatious to hard and intense. …to be continued!

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Incredibles sex story part 7: Family Bonding

He cried out as he rapidly (and violently) fucked away at her for three seconds before leaving it all the way in and ejaculating a jet of cum. Her mouth worked overtime to swallow it all. She then pulled away, wiped her lips, and dropped her neck back to normal size. He opened his eyes, gasping and collapsing back onto the couch. “That…was…amazing…” he gasped, throwing his head back. His penis drooped, exhausted. She blew air on it and it popped back to life. She mounted him, proud of herself for her show of sex mastery. He felt her hot thighs, rushing with blood, climb across him as he prepared for another session. He didn’t plan on ending this anytime soon. * Violet walked into the kitchen, upset. Her parents never forgot to pick her up from school. She knew there must be some logical reason. She continued into the house, throwing down her backpack next to the table and noting the milk spill all over, as well as her mother’s discarded shirt. She walked into the living room cautiously. Did someone break into our house? , she thought. As she walked through the doorway into the living room, she smelled sweat and salt. She turned invisible, not wanting to be detected if her mother was being/had been raped. She stopped herself before entering, stripping off all her clothes and underwear so she wouldn’t be spotted. She entered the living room. …to be continued!

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Incredibles hentai story part 4: incredible sex

It was unbearable and Mr. Incredible could not hold on any longer. A cup of cum filled her mouth, making her checks puff out, and cum ooze from her stretched lips. Violet savored the taste of the warm jizz, and swallowed the thick cum. She felt the hot delight slowly run down her throat. Violet coughed and gagged as her father rubbed her back. “Hey dad? ”
“Yeah? ”
Violet coughed out more cum and started to breathe deeply. She tore of her skimpy pajamas and took off her damp panties. She took off her bra, exposing her rock hard nipples. Bob placed his hands on her breast, rubbing her nipples. “Can you do me a favor? ”
“Anything. ”
“Fuck me the way you made Jack-Jack. I want to cry, and scream to god the same way mom did that night. Please? ”
“Are you sure? ”
“I need you too! ”
All of a sudden, Violet was not making love to “Bob” but to Mr. Incredible. He picked Violet with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other. Her rubbed his shaft faster and faster. Veins popped out and his face seemed to be intense. Violet felt the tip of his cock slide through, stretching her to her max. …to be continued!

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Incredibles hentai story part 3: incredible sex

“Dad, I need you. I have to have you inside me. ”
“Vie… are you…”
“Dad, I need it now! ”
“Whoa kiddo, slow down. ”
Violet tore open his shirt and slid her sexy tongue down his body. She got on her knees and ripped open his pants. She flung them down and jerked off his boxers. Her father’s penis was enormous! It was just what she needed, a big, fat cock. His penis hung down to his knees and was still soft and soggy. Violet needed to make him hard and fast. She grabbed the cock with both hands and started to feed it, into her mouth. She stuffed the floppy meat into her mouth and when it was almost all in, it started to thicken. The cock instantly hardened and hard cock, thrashed in her mouth. It hit the back over her throat, throwing her back and making her gag. It was amazing. The cock was at least 2 feet long and when Violet took hold of it, her whole hand did not fit all the way around. Violet wanted to please her self but first she needed to warm up her dad. She deep throated the cock as far as it would go and the skin not in her mouth was twist and pulled with her two hands. Bob moaned slightly as his daughter gave him a blowjob and hand job at the same time. Violet needed him to cum right away. …to be continued!

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Incredibles hentai story part 3: the beggining

he has visited Edna. She finds that Edna, in creating Bob’s new suit, has created new suits for each member of the Parr family, including a homing device in each suit. Helen uses this to discover Bob’s location on the remote island, but its signal alerts Syndrome and Bob is captured again. Helen procures a jet to find Bob, but finds Dash and Violet have stowed away. When Syndrome sends missiles to shoot the jet down as it nears the island, the three are able to escape using Helen’s fireproof suit.Bob tries to grab Syndrome but Mirage puts herself in the way. He threatens to kill Mirage if Syndrome does not let him go. Syndrome doesn’t believe him and tells him to do it but Bob, unable to deny his moral code, is unable to kill her. On land, Helen frees her husband from the base while Dash and Violet avoid capture by Syndrome’s forces. The four reunite but are re-captured by Syndrome, who reveals that he plans to launch the final Omnidroid to Metroville, using a remote control to act as if he was saving the city in order to gain superhero status. After the robot is launched, Mirage turns on her boss and helps the Parrs to escape and follow on a second rocket.The Parrs arrive in Metroville to find the Omnidroid rampaging through the city, having used its ability to learn and cope with opponents to separate Syndrome from his remote control. Assisted by Frozone, the Parrs seize the remote control and take advantage of its design to destroy the Omnidroid. Th …to be continued!

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Incredibles sex story part 1: the beggining

On the night of his wedding to Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible takes enough time to stop crime in the city of Metroville. While he is attempting to capture villain Bomb Voyage during a bank robbery, Buddy Pine, a fan of Mr. Incredible, attempts to help acting as Mr. Incredible’s sidekick “IncrediBoy”. Buddy’s interference almost kills him, and Mr. Incredible is forced to save Buddy and let Voyage escape, and barely makes it to the ceremony on time. However, as a result of Mr. Incredible’s actions, the public begins to disfavor anyone with superpowers, fearing them and using litigation to stop them from harming the public despite trying to save their lives.Supers are forced to abandon their heroic roles and adapt to regular life. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl settle down in suburbia as Bob and Helen Parr and raise a family; their children appear to have super powers as well – the hot-headed Dash possesses super speed, while timid Violet has the ability to turn invisible and create a force shield. However, their toddler, Jack-Jack has yet to show any special abilities.Bob has grown tired of his insurance job, and with his best friend and former Super, Lucius Best, aka Frozone, sneaks off at night to fight petty crimes. Bob accidentally loses his job when he injures his boss Gilbert Huph when he is prevented from stopping a nearby mugging. When Bob returns home, he discovers a mysterious message from a woman named Mirage, outlining an offer for Mr. Incredib …to be continued!

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The Incredible Porn: Mother’s love – part 1

Violet was sitting in her room when her mother Helen called her down to the living room.

“Sit down, Vi, Your father and brothers have gone out for an hour and I want to talk.” Violet was worried.
“I’m not in trouble, am I mom?”
“Trouble?” Helen burst out laughing. “Hell no. After you went out last night, Your “Boyfriend” Joesph came around shouting.” Violet was at ease. “Ha! Joesph’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

“I know,” Began Helen. “That was one of the things he was shouting. “What are these texts about, Vi? You’re tired of boys?” Ha!” Violet was nervous again. She didn’t want her mother knowing about how she wanted to experiment.

“So I got curious,” She went on. “I had a look at your internet history.”

Violet was seriously worried now.

“Relax, Vi. You’re shaking. I just want to…… talk. When I was your age I was very curious. But I never got to. I met your father and fell in love. I forgot my fantasies.” Violet was startled. Was her mother talking to her about sex?
“I’ve never made love to another woman.” She said.

Violet was still nervous. “What did you find in my internet history mom?” “Shh, Violet. We’ll get to that in a minute.”
Violet felt a shiver up her spine. Her mother was talking to her about lesbian sex……… It felt so wrong, but if Helen knew what violet wanted……. It would be a very good evening indeed.

“And you know Vi, you always seemed so beautiful. more so now than ever. I always thought your boyfriends were assholes. Trust me, I kno Continue reading

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